Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How I Lost 3 lbs in 3 Days

How I Lost 3 lbs in 3 Days

So super excited to talk to you all about the new fitness journey I have taken on this week! P90! 

Now, I have done P90X and some other Beachbody extreme fitness I actually thought P90 would be a walk in the park. Um....nope! It isn't as intense and the moves are very basic so far. However, I am so happy they are basic. Let's me concentrate on my form and get down to business. Te modifier is great if you need him. If not, there is someone showing you a moderate version and advanced version of the moves as well. All Sculpt DVDs are done with a resistance band or weights. Let me tell you...I have done pull-ups. I SUCK & it isn't pretty. I didn't think the resistance bands would work well for me for doing pull-ups and such. I WAS WRONG. My back and arms were sore the next day!! Best thing ever.....I lost 3 lbs so far. Bye bye belly fat. Not going to miss ya!

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