Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Eat Your Veggies (Even When You Don't Like Them)

If you've seen my transformation then you must know I did have to eat some veggies. I will tell you the truth though....I HATE veggies! I am not a big salad fan either. I can occasionally eat a salad, broccoli or cauliflower but that is about it.

What is even sadder?? 
Finding out the veggies I liked are actually starchy carbs. That was sad news to me. Those things were corn, edamame, potatoes of any kind, and peas. No wonder I liked those!

So how do I do it?? About to give you some of my little tricks and tips!!

1. Make a green smoothie.
I have a Vitamix so I can throw whole fruits and veggies in it and have a perfectly smooth smoothie. If you don't have an expensive blender you can still use a magic bullet or regular blender. You must simply cut up the fruit into smaller pieces. You also need to blend the greens with water or juice first & then add the fruit. I usually do 1-2 fruit with about 3 cups of greens. Kale, spinach, cucumbers and romaine are my favs!

2. Mix them up!!
I cook chicken or other meats in salsas that are homemade! Super healthy and delish and the meat always comes out tender!! I love cooking whole wheat pasta and cooking tomatoes and spinach into the mix! doesn't taste like you are eating any veggies and makes your pasta amazing!! Also, dicing up zucchini, tomatoes or other veggies into rice or quinoa is a great way to get in your veggies, packing your starch with flavor and adding spices to your liking.

3. Hide & disguise them.
There are many ways to do this! Cauliflower is great for making fake mashed potatoes or cauliflower rice. You can also make a cauliflower crust. Zucchini is great to spiralize to use as spaghetti or even get creative and slice to make zucchini lasagna noodles. My favorite way to eat veggies is in soup!! Any vegetable cooked in a soup becomes so soft that you don't know you are eating it. Want chicken noodle soup?? Make zucchini noodles for it and add your fav veggies!

Hope you got some ideas on how to eat your veggies each day...even when you aren't a fan of them.

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