Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. My nickname was Tifferz in grammar school.

2. I have a bachelor's degree with 3 majors: Communications, Human Resource Development, & Early Childhood Education.

3. I am majorly obsessed with Britney Spears.

4. I am sometimes scared of not being in control of my life.

5. I am definitely not always in the mood to workout (I know shocker, right??)

6. I thought my husband was so hot the 1st time I met him at a mutual friend's b-day dinner (we were not together yet) .When I told him he said he didn't remember me being there. (He could've lied about that one!)

7. I was and still am deathly afraid of being pregnant and having another c-section.

8. Don't speak in Spanish about me. I will understand you. Hehe.

9. I went to school to be a makeup artist & got my certification..found out I loved it as a hobby. : D

10. I may not be Mexican, but I can sure cook almost any Mexican food authentically from scratch. I am Mexican at heart. <3

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