Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Look Inside My Fridge

 What's In My Fridge??

1) Brita water pitcher!!! Gotta drink up that water!! 
2) Fresh pineapple juice (Mostly for the hubby to mix with Shakeology.)
3) Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light (for those times I want a little butter this does the trick!)
4) Eggs (We eat this for breakfast everyday in every form)
5) Grapes. (After grocery shopping we separate servings of grapes in little baggies for on the go snake that are quick to grab)
6) Tomatoes (I don't really like them raw, but if you do POWER to YOU! I do eat them cooked though and in guacamole. You can make homed pasta sauces, sauces for all types of meats, salsas, etc)
7) Unsweetened, Plain Applesauce
8) Dijon Mustard
9) Greek Yogurt, Plain (Great substitute for sour cream when you have a chance)
10) Light Vanilla Yogurt (Also good for freezing for frozen yogurt)
11) Watermelon (All cut up and ready to snack on)
12) Guacamole (Set up for my turbo wraps and for a quick snack)
13) Fresh blueberries (Love them in yogurt & whole wheat pancakes)
14) Apples
15) Sprouts (Love them in salads and sandwiches)
16) Baked potatoes & sweet potatoes
17) Broccoli Slaw (Great steamed or cooked with pasta sauce)
18) Mixed Lettuce (I try not to do Iceberg so it doesn't really have a nutritional value)
19) Fresh spinach (For sandwiches, to cook, for salads)
20) My bottom drawers of the fridge are full of veggies: lettuces, peppers, bean sprouts, etc.
Other drawer has meats: Lean turkey, provolone cheese, turkey sausage & bacon, ham)

Sorry for the bad freezer pic, but here's what I got stocked in it:

1) Tons of frozen chicken. We buy it and separate into baggies and freeze
2) Sweet potato fries for those lazy days
3) Flank steak 
4) Tilapia
5) Turkey burgers
6) Beef burgers (Gotta eat them once in awhile)
7) Frozen veggies
8) Looks like ice but I actually freeze sofrito in it to use for quick cooking & the other one has chipotle peppers I blended earlier and freeze 
9) Frozen broccoli (Can you tell I love broccoli?)
10) Frozen yuca
11) Empanada Discs (Not healthy, but gotta make them once in a great whole)
12) More frozen veggies (Peas, spinach, edamame, etc)
13) More frozen chipotle & sofrito in baggies


  1. Love the inside of your fridge! Lots of clean eating there. I wish my fridge looked like that, but my family doesn't always agree on all the veggies going on. haha.

  2. t's only my hubby and I or else I am sure it would be a lot harder! lol. Can you tell we're a little obsessed with eggs??