Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gymboss Timer for FAT BLASTING workouts!

I have a new obsession with the Gymboss Interval timer. I love it! Using interval training your body can burn the max amount of calories which means you can really BLAST FAT! These are all the workouts you can use this for:
-Tabata training
-Anything name it!

The gymboss timer has two timers. So you can use one or both. You can set it on beep or vibrate to tell you when the timer starts again or when the 2nd timer begins. I use it for Tabata style workout or even for cardio. If I am on the elliptical or treadmill I can go HARD for 1 minute and then slow done for 20 seconds. Or when I do weightlifting it is always great to do a max set of reps of a weight for a minute straight, the timer beeps and I go on to my next body part for a minute. It's easy and effortless. I also use it for my workouts. 

You can get your gym boss timer by clicking here. Trust will love it!

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